Official Free Speech Forum Symposium July 16-18 Thread


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(name of the event subject to change)

We reserved this place in Birmingham for the weekend of July 16-18 - make sure to mark your calendars. This place sleeps 24 and is actually divided into 5 apartments so we can separate out the weirdos.

I know some aren't thrilled about Birmingham, but we picked Birmingham because it is centrally located for the guys that organized it and it is near a major airport so people can fly in cheap.

This place backs right up to a golf course ( and is walkable distance from many places to dine and drink.

We plan on using Saturday from 10-3 to have a conference/symposium of some sort to discuss the forum, business, volunteer opportunities, freedom of speech and freedom in general. Anyone that would like some time to speak let us know.

If anyone has experience as an event organizer that would like to be involved, please let us know as well.

Special thanks to @Chris Farley for providing the spark to set this off. We will provide more details on reservations/agenda in the coming weeks.

Note: I know there are rumors that a special someone might be in attendance - I cannot comment on that further right now

Chris Farley

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Anybody from the Mobile Baldwin counties or any county from there to Jefferson, if you want me to pick you up, we can split the cost of gas!
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