Official BurtReynoldsMustache, Dinkis, Catreaper homosex thread...

Chris Farley

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Your invited to the crootn get together in July homie!


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More important ?. Did you catch and release or cooking dinner tonight. Think carefully before answering😎.

Edit for just busting chops. I love fly fishing since moved west. This time of year makes me really miss walleye fishing off Lake Erie in Ohio though. Nothing beats a day of drift fishing walleye.
Used to do that and muskie on lake Erie from NY when I was a kid. Fun fishing


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Ummm did you not just see the “over the pants prayer fisting“ that so many gays historically enjoy?
OTPFB isn’t impressive
Well do us all a favor and start your own thread with all the awesome things you’re doing that won’t disappoint anyone.
Don’t get upset with me that your trip didn’t end with @BurtReynoldsMustache making sweet love to you atop a remote mountain in southwest Montana
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