Official BurtReynoldsMustache, Dinkis, Catreaper homosex thread...


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And not to hijack the thread.


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Started the day waking @Dinkis14 up by blaring porn. Just imbibed on @Whiskey&Weed and heading to Taylor Fork and between the lakes. Then to Virginian City for beers. Will end the evening with bison and elk steaks and trout.
Had to read this three different times before I realized you didn't say Virgin City...then I was a little disappointed but still jealous as fuck!


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I fumbled that fish like I was a Michigan punter. That was the third time picking it out of the 55 degree water. I think one time it slapped out of my hand and went 8 feet in the air. I know how to hold a bass, but trouts are faggots.

More important ?. Did you catch and release or cooking dinner tonight. Think carefully before answering😎.

Edit for just busting chops. I love fly fishing since moved west. This time of year makes me really miss walleye fishing off Lake Erie in Ohio though. Nothing beats a day of drift fishing walleye.
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